Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Product In Store

Antique Album (Left Hand) Plopper Plus

The Antique Album Set has a right and left hand page. This is the left hand page and includes all the items you need to create a beautiful replica of an antique photo album in digital format.

What is a Plopper Plus? Do you enjoy the convenience of Ploppers but want to “switch it up a little” every now and then? You will love the Plopper Plus! Modelled after the popular Quick Click Templates, this product will give you the convenience of the pre-designed layout and the flexibility of the quick click. The layers are stacked allowing you to “tweak” the Plopper Plus to your desired look. The hard work is won't have to think about placement of your photos, background or elements because we have carefully designed these ready made layouts for you! Scrapbooking just got a turbo boost with this intuitive product and now you can get MORE pages done! Plopper Plus products include multiple pieces (12x12 JPG and PNG files*). All you need to do is stack all the numbered layers in order, add in your photos by filling in the shapes (easy instructions are included)! This product is very flexible and can be used many times; just change the photos and move the elements and photos around!!, a whole new layout in no time at all. *PNG Files are transparent files and are compatible with many software programs.

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