Sunday, January 3, 2010


Erica’s Everyday Events (EEE) will now go back to 4 challenges a month. Each weekly challenge will start on a Monday and finish the following Sunday. The first challenge of 2010 starts on Monday the 4th January and runs until midnight Sunday the 10th.

Here is January Challenge Schedule:
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Date: - Nominated Kit: - Posting Bonus:
January 4 to January 10 – Misty Blue Mountains – Misty Blue Mountains 2 Kit

January 11 to January 17 – New Kit – New Kit

January 18 to January 24 – New Kit – New Kit

January 25 to January 31 – New Kit – New Kit

As time constraints can be pretty tight sometimes I may be working on some of the kits that will be used during the month I may not always have a name for a new kit or posting bonus or I have the names but the product hasn't been uploaded to the store yet. I will post missing names and links as soon they hit the store so you can plan your shopping sprees clip_image001 and know which to buy and which you'll get as a freebie. Well that's the plan anyway clip_image002

Posting Bonuses
- You will notice that some of the Posting Bonuses may not be in the store yet so be on the look out for them and remember not to purchase them if you want to do this challenge and get them for free.

Value Collections -I will also be compiling some of my current kits in to Value Collections and if these are already in the store you can use them if one of the items is the nominated kit for a challenge. If the nominated kit is part of a Value Collection you will get a new kit as a posting bonus, which may be part of a Value Collection later.

I may also use some of the past Posting Bonuses, whether EEE or Lucky Dips, this will be a bonus for those of you that have received these for past challenges as you will already have the nominated kit and get a new freebie as well  My reasoning for this is twofold, 1) a small gift from me in the form of a little relief from our tight economy and 2) The posting bonuses don't always get used to the extent that the original nominated kit does and I would really love to see them in your creations

The previous months What Now Kit will always be an EEE nominated kit.

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