Friday, July 16, 2010

Important Announcement…

I’m going on holiday yay!!!

Well! That’s not the important announcement for you ladies just me. As I shall be away from July16th to July 25th I will be sending out the posting bonus for Summer Daydreams early to those who have already done a layout, after the 16th I won’t be able send them out until I get back. The next challenge details are up, Lazy Sunday, this starts on July 19.

The coupon draw for Quiet Pleasures, What Now challenge will happen when I get back as well.

I have already sent out the EGG Challenge bonus to date but I will be sending any more when I get back.

Musket Cove, Malolo Lailai Island is part of the Mamanuca Island chain off mainland Fiji, which is where our time share is located and it doesn’t have internet connection – shock how will I cope – of course my trusty lappy is going with me so I can get a little bit of work done in between soaking up the sun, reading, relaxing and swimming in the beautiful blue waters ahhhh! So if you don’t see me around you know why but I’ll be thinking of you all :)

See you in a week or so.

Entrance to Musket Cove and our Bure.

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