Monday, April 30, 2012

EEE Challenge…May 1 to May 10

The kit to use for this challenge is Friends Are

The challenge runs from Tuesday May 1 to midnight Thursday May 10.

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Posting Bonus preview – Friends Are 2
**Note** This bonus will also be in the store

Lucky Double Dips Challenge

This LO is for the Lucky Double Dips May Challenge. Using the nominated Bright Fiesta AOP only to create a LO. Check out the freebies that entering this challenge gives you.
I cut circles from both BG papers and the frame and separated the tiny squares elements only.
The photo is of Rob and Lee in my garden during the summer of 2009.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Chat reminder... April 27 at 8pm EST in the DSP Chat room

Chat freebie - Four In A Pocket
- Friends Are is the kit used for the LO this will be the next EEE Challenge Kit - in the store soon.

April 26-27: Product Showcase Sale!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

*** Lucky Double Dips for May ***

Addie and I are changing things up a bit for the May LDD Challenge.

Lucky Double Dips is now a BOGO challenge with a twist. You buy the add on pack and get the kit for free! How cool is that?!?
How is it going to work? First, you get to vote from 3 colour schemes of Addie’s choosing during the last week of the month. Then I will design the add on pack and get it in the store for the start of the challenge month. You buy the add on pack and create two layouts according to the rules. Then once you have created those layouts, Addie will send you the coordinating page kit! Vote, buy, create x 2, and receive! That's pretty easy!

This is May’s Colour Scheme voted winner…watch this space for the AOP and Kit freebie.

*** Lucky Double Dips Challenge ***

This challenge ends on the 30th April…Don’t forget to join in the fun of this new challenge with addilee…time is running out on the chance to grab a free Add On Pack to Peaches And Sage Kits 1 and 2. Just by following a few simple rules.

Lucky Double Dips Challenge you will get this Add On Pack as your freebie reward.

Peaches And Sage Add On Pack...Lucky Double Dips Freebie

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Commemorating Anzac Day April 25th

In remembrance for all the brave soldiers that lost their lives during WWII. Commemorating Anzac Day April 25th.


This gorgeous photo can be found here...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kids On Quads…

We took Lee to Kids On Quads on Sunday, his first time ever riding a quad bike and after one minor off track experience he took to it with enthusiasm. If was great fun to watch.

Getting instruction on how stop and start…


and we’re off…


now we’re getting a bit more sure of ourselves…enough to turn and smile for the camera


now we’re just getting downright cocky…


showing off standing up…


Got to love that happy smile, a great way to spend a couple of hours of fun.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Lee and Daddy Soccer Training

Lee and Daddy soccer training, September 2007.
I used my new Kit Just A Boy 2, this is the posting bonus for the next EEE Challenge starting April 21 and a new QC - Top Two Layered.

EEE Challenge…Just A Boy - April 21 to April 30

The kit to use for this challenge is Just A Boy

The challenge runs from Saturday April 21 to midnight Monday April 30.

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Posting Bonus preview – Just A Boy 2
**Note** This bonus will also be in the store

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lee July 2009

I love these photos of Lee, he was in a playful mood, while watching TV, with his black patent peeked cap backwards and pulling funny, but adorable to me, faces.
I used my new kit - Just A Boy and Two Tiny Squares QC (soon to be in the store)
The Just A Boy Kit is the next EEE Challenge that starts on April 21 to April 30.

Addie’s Creations…

Kindergarten 1979

Wasn't I cute back in 1979?? More to the point, isn't this a great add-on-pack for Erica's Peaches and Sage page kit. You can earn this add-on pack for FREE just by playing along with my Lucky Double Dips Challenge!

Tyrant Lizard King

When I saw this T. Rex at the museum displayed in the centre of a dark room with all black and gold surrounding him, I thought immediately of royalty and how neat it would be to do a layout showing that. I hope I have captured that feeling. The text on the notepaper is a photo of the museum's description of the Tyrant Lizard King.
I used Royal Harvest Value Collection by Erica Belton, also available as Royal Harvest page kit and Royal Harvest 2 page kit to capture the royal essence of this mighty dinosaur. I did slightly adjust the colours of the papers to match my vision.

Jurassic Day

Pocket Full of Boy Value Collection by Erica Belton, also available as Pocket Full of Boy page kit, Pocket Full of Boy 2 page kit and Bubble Wrap Alpha Set made the perfect mood for these photos from our trip to the dinosaur museum. I love the colour scheme for boys!

Royal Tyrrell Museum

We took the boys to see the Dinos during Spring Break. They were sure excited, especially once we arrived in Drumheller and saw the dinosaurs on the street corners. We spent the night in the Jurassic Inn and ventured to the museum shortly after it opened in the morning. Jeremiah was quite unsure about venturing to close indoors even though he seemed OK outside. Darren had to carry him through the first section before he finally moved on his own. They both loved seeing T-Rex and Triceratops. In the gift shop, Sebastian chose a Woolly Mammoth figurine and Jeremiah a set of smaller dinos.
My first thought when looking at these photos from our trip to the dinosaur museum was to use a themed kit. Then I thought that perhaps something with strong colours might better work with the neutrals in most of the photos. I was right and Tasty Tangelo Value Collection by Erica Belton was the winning kit paired with 3 Plus 3 Equals - Double Page Quick Click by Erica Belton.

DET Inspiration…

Glitter Me Spring by janetklm

The beautiful soft lavender purple and lime green colours in Erica Belton's Glitter Me Spring Page Kit are perfect for Spring. I so love the glittery elements!
I also used Erica's One Plus Two Tucked Quick Click.

My Inspiration by mum2riley

I love the orange and blue in this collection. Perfect for some bright, fun layouts.
Tasty Tangelo Value Collection by Erica Belton
One Plus Two Tucked Quick Click by Erica Belton

Friday, April 13, 2012


Chat - Friday April 13...hope you're not suspicious

8pm EST in the new, swish chat room.

Chat freebie...Layers On Lace Plopper

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Our Easter Egg Hunt with Lee happened a day earlier this year on the Saturday. I love to see his face light up when finds all the eggs and lollies, he only gets one large egg, the rest are those tiny things and he shares them with his Dad

I used my Peaches and Sage, Peaches And Sage 2, Peaches And Sage Add On Pack and a new double QC - 3 Plus 3 Equals, soon to be in the store.

My Current EEE Challenge is Peaches And Sage and you can grab the Peaches And Sage 2 as the posting bonus, in addition you can also grab the Peaches And Sage Add On Pack for free by taking part in addielee's new Lucky Double Dips Challenge.

Lucky Double Dips Challenge With Addie

Are you going to get Lucky??

I'm so excited to announce that Addie is hosting the new Lucky Double Dips Challenge... why not join her for this fun challenge which will give you a chance to grab a free Add On Pack to one of my current EEE Challenge kits. Watch the timing for the EEE Challenge to maximise your freebie benefits. You may be in with a chance to get both the Posting Bonus from the EEE Challenge and the Add On Pack from the Lucky Double Dips Challenge, just by following a few simple rules.

The current EEE Challenge kit is Peaches And Sage, this coordinates beautifully with the Posting Bonus and the AOP. Challenge runs from April 11 to April 20.

To get started check out the Lucky Double Dips Challenge, good luck and have fun, fun, fun!!!

Peaches And Sage Add On Pack...Lucky Double Dips Freebie

Addie’s Creations…

Temple of Heaven

I was so inspired by the shell paper in the bonus kit to Erica Belton's next EEE challenge that I had to go hunting for some old, not very exquisite photos from my trip to China 11 years ago (it wasn't that long ago, was it??). The photos were taken with my very first digital camera and the jpg artefacts are hideous!
Anyway, I digress... This bonus kit is wonderful! I love the patterned paper and the elements fit together so nicely. And all you have to do to get it is to participate in the Peaches and Sage Challenge from April 10-20! Just purchase Peaches and Sage page kit and post a layout with it in Erica's Everyday Events Gallery and Peaches and Sage 2 page kit will be yours! See you there!

Easter Smiles

I just love the soft colours in Feeling Free 2 page kit by Erica Belton! I was looking for an elegant Easter-type kit and this fit the bill perfectly, especially when paired with One on Blocks Quick Click, also by Erica Belton.

You’ll find a great instruction page on how to use Quick Clicks in PSE at addielee’s new Perfectly Planned Pixels blog.

Silk Dyed Eggs

This is such great way to colour eggs for Easter, thanks for the instructions and fabulous LO Addie.

Tasty Tangelo Value Collection by Erica Belton was the perfect compliment for this photo of our silk dyed Easter eggs. Thanks to thescrapshak for the idea!
1. Take apart old, tacky 100% silk neckties.
2. Wrap raw eggs in pieces of the ties and wrap securely with string.
3. Wrap eggs again with white cotton or the padding from the ties.
4. Boil eggs as you normally would, but add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the water.
5. Cool eggs in cold water and unwrap.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

EEE Challenge…Peaches And Sage – April 11 to April 20

The kit to use for this challenge is Peaches And Sage

The challenge runs from Wednesday April 11 to midnight Friday April 20.

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Posting Bonus preview – Peaches And Sage 2

**Note** This bonus will also be in the store

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Layouts…

Birthday flowers from my Sister

My Sister is such a treasure, living so far apart with her in France and me here in New Zealand I miss her but she always sends me beautiful flowers for my birthday, this year they were beautiful soft peach, white and pink in colour.
I used my sisters gift as inspiration for the Peaches And Sage Kit that I used with a new QC Four Tags Layered to create this page.
Peaches and Sage will be the next EEE Challenge kit starting April 11. Watch the store for the Alpha that I used, I’ll be uploading this soon.

Addie’s Creations…

Sebastian 0 to 6 months

For this beautiful page Addie used my new Peaches and Sage Kit this kit will be the next EEE Challenge starting April 11.


Perfect Start to an Evening

Don’t you just love Cinnamon Buns!!! Addie used my Cinnamon Toast and Coffee VC and my new QC Four Tags Layered.

DET Inspiration - Layouts that I love…

Choose To Look by Cassandy

RIP Kayla by Cassandy

Family Photo Shoot by mum2riley

Never A Dull Moment by teetopper

Friday, April 6, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Layouts by Addie

For those who who may not yet know addielee formerly part of DET 14 is now my DED, dedicated creative layout person and we will be working together over the next six months. Addielee has had a number of layouts published and her layout creativity is awesome. Please check out her gallery at DSP.

I will be highlighting her work on my blog here.

Spring Day

Glitter Me Spring page kit by Erica Belton is a pretty balance of feminine and natural and fun! Pick it up now to participate in Erica's Everyday Events Glitter Me Spring challenge. I also used the word art from Pretty Spring Day page kit by Carol Ann Gary available in April Club Digital with the flower recoloured.
Text reads: The first purple crocus of 2007 poked it’s way out of the barely thawed earth to shine with the sun.