Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Addie’s Creations…

Temple of Heaven

I was so inspired by the shell paper in the bonus kit to Erica Belton's next EEE challenge that I had to go hunting for some old, not very exquisite photos from my trip to China 11 years ago (it wasn't that long ago, was it??). The photos were taken with my very first digital camera and the jpg artefacts are hideous!
Anyway, I digress... This bonus kit is wonderful! I love the patterned paper and the elements fit together so nicely. And all you have to do to get it is to participate in the Peaches and Sage Challenge from April 10-20! Just purchase Peaches and Sage page kit and post a layout with it in Erica's Everyday Events Gallery and Peaches and Sage 2 page kit will be yours! See you there!

Easter Smiles

I just love the soft colours in Feeling Free 2 page kit by Erica Belton! I was looking for an elegant Easter-type kit and this fit the bill perfectly, especially when paired with One on Blocks Quick Click, also by Erica Belton.

You’ll find a great instruction page on how to use Quick Clicks in PSE at addielee’s new Perfectly Planned Pixels blog.

Silk Dyed Eggs

This is such great way to colour eggs for Easter, thanks for the instructions and fabulous LO Addie.

Tasty Tangelo Value Collection by Erica Belton was the perfect compliment for this photo of our silk dyed Easter eggs. Thanks to thescrapshak for the idea!
1. Take apart old, tacky 100% silk neckties.
2. Wrap raw eggs in pieces of the ties and wrap securely with string.
3. Wrap eggs again with white cotton or the padding from the ties.
4. Boil eggs as you normally would, but add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the water.
5. Cool eggs in cold water and unwrap.

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