Monday, July 29, 2013

Lucky Double Dips August Voting Now On…

Lucky Double Dips is a BOGO challenge with a twist. You buy the Add On Pack and get the kit for free! How cool is that?!?

How is it going to work? First, you get to vote from 3 colour schemes of my choosing during the first week of the month. Then I’ll design the Add On Pack and get it in the store by about the end of the first week. You buy the Add On Pack and create two layouts according to the rules in the main post. Then once you have created those layouts, I will send you the coordinating page kit!

Vote, buy, create x 2, and receive! That's pretty easy!

You have until midnight 2 August to vote.

This month I want to create heritage style kits using inspiration from Deviant Art check out their site for more beautiful artwork. Choose which colour scheme you most want to see as an AOP and Kit?

Classic Movie

Donkey Rides

Edwardian Lady

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