Tuesday, May 13, 2014

***Important Please Read***

It's time to say goodbye to the EEE Challenge at DSP this challenge was my first challenge that I ran at DSP and has been going not stop for the last six years.

With DSP closing at the end of the month I will be closing off my challenges early to make sure you get any posting bonuses and loyalty stamps owing to you.

The EEE Challenge finishes for the last time at midnight 19th May
- I hope to have all PB sent out by May 22nd.

The EEE Challenge has a NEW home at MyMemories. You can still take my challenges at MyMemories in the FORUMS there under Everything Erica in the designer challenges. I hope to see you there soon, the first EEE Challenge will start on June 1.

To keep in touch with me personally use at any of these contact details.
Erica Belton
Everything Erica Blog
MyMemories Store
Personal Facebook

Check the store OFTEN for coming sales. And be aware that any Quick Clicks will NOT be going to MM so stock up on those especially You can always check my blog as I will still need my QC fix and don't want to get withdrawal symptoms from creating them. I may be offering some for free come June.

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